Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the beginning..

I started the CUPCAKE THURSDAYtradition at our home soon after we returned from a trip to San Diego. While there we went to a Heavenly store,Heavenly Cupcake.
I decided I can make great cupcakes for less than $3.00.
So to try recipes and fun different cupcake designs I wanted to use the
co-workers of my husband (we call him Grumpy) as Ginnie Pigs. Since then on every Thursday I have made cupcakes of all kinds.. and sent them with Grumpy on Friday to share with his co-workers. My Son caught on very quick. He brought the kids over about the second week.. and they have been coming on Cupcake Thursday since..
         This is how cupcake Thursday started.

Here is the original post from San Diego the fateful day of the first Red Velvet Cupcake.

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addition game 2+3+2+4=11

cupcake coma 

i am alone in a motel room on "Hotel Circle" in San Diego, my family? at a San Diego Padre's' game. (i am not much in for baseball).

today was the perfect day to take Erin's advice and head over to Heavenly Cupcake,
now i can sit here and watch the first season of grays anatomy and eat my heavenly RED VELVET CUPCAKE!

as you might guess i am in San Diego.
this is our last night. i took plenty of pictures. i will be home tomorrow and blog about my trip. i took Erin's advice on someplace to eat and a beach to see.. so i'll let you know how it all turned out!

for now it is just me and my cupcake!...uhmmm heavenly.

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