Friday, October 30, 2009

Cake mix Doctor

I use the Cake Mix Doctor a lot when I just want to whip out a batch of quick cupcakes.Today I wanted to do some fast Halloween Cupcakes for Grumpy to take to work

The grandkids didn't come over because Alene is sick. 
         I decided to wing some Pillsbury FUNFETTI CUPCAKES 
with pudding added.. that's where the cake dr comes in.

I do not represent Pillsbury in any way I just used this product. 

This is how I Dr them up from the cakemix dr.

1 cake mix your choice
1 small box pudding mix (aprox 4 oz.) 
1 more egg than the cake mix calls for I usually use 4
1/2 cup oil. I use applesauce as a substitute for the oil.
use the amount of water the cake mix calls for.

 For this cake mix I used vanilla pudding so I also added a teaspoon of vanilla.

 Bake as per the mix instructions for cupcakes.

This makes a cake that rivals homemade.
I just did a fast job with vanilla icing. and some sprinkles. A fun Halloween decoration and they were done! I was really not trying to impress anyone here! Just feed them.


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SupaFlowaPowa said...

just came to visit your blog - I totally use Cake Mix Doctor too!!! But I must say - she should re-arrange how she gives the ingredients and instructions - I always find myself confused while cooking but always very satisfied with my end result!